Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grizzly II (1987)

1st View
Format: ??
Venue: Castle Greyskull

About a year ago, I saw William Girdler's Grizzly at Terror Tuesday and loved the hell out of it. Today I was informed that a friend of ours here in town and found a work print on the internet of Grizzly's never released sequel. This is why I love living in Austin and what makes my love of b-films so damn rewarding. There are probably 15 people in the world that have ever laid eyes on this and 7 of them were in the room tonight. It does make me sad because it is clear that, were the effects finished and the film edited down, it could have been a badass Grizzly sequel. As it stands its an incredibly crappy series of music videos from history's worst bands and half a monster movie devoid a monster. Oh, did I mention George Clooney, Charlie Sheen, Laura Dern, John Rhys-Davies, Louise Fletcher, and Timothy Spall are all in this?

Rating: Impossible

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