Saturday, April 30, 2011

Escape from New York (1980) & Roadhouse (1989)

Revisit & 1st View Respectively
Format: DVD
Venue: Fons Drive-in

My good friends, and PR wizards extraordinaire, Brandy and Ryan Fons sought to settle the age-old (non)debate of who is manlier: Kurt Russell or Patrick Swayze. They set up a projector in their backyard and we were treated to a glorious double feature of Escape from New York and Roadhouse under the stars. I had never seen Roadhouse and, while my position on the supremacy of Snake Plissken's machismo, I was impressed with how manly it was despite being a Swayze vehicle. It offered a whole new insight into Dirty Dancing; the reason no one will put baby in a corner is that Swayze will tear their throats out if they do.

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