Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hustle and Flow (2005)

Format: HD-DVD
Venue: Rivendell

The Good: I love this movie! It's the hip-hop Rocky. We have an underdog making ends meat via illicit means (Rocky was a collector for a loan shark where DJay is a pimp) they both dream of fighting their way to the top of their respective pursuits, and they must both beat down an established, trash-talking veteran to get to the top. Awesome! Craig Brewer does such an amazing job making hip-hop music as much a character as any of the actors. The music is also phenomenal.

The Bad: Some of the dialogue shoots for authenticity and comes off as just plain silly. Also, the film feels a bit long near the end of the second act.

The Weird: God, remember D.J. Qualls? He's that skinny little freak-stick from Road Trip. Where did he go and why was he a star in the first place?

Rating: 8/10 Atkins

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