Saturday, January 15, 2011

Death Wish (1974)

Format: DVD
Venue: Rivendell (Bronsothon)

*The pic is a gif of one of the many fine shirts created by the geniuses over at Dutch Southern. If you don't own a dozen of their shirts, RECTIFY!

The Good: Great revenge film, the blueprint for multiple imitators that followed. Also has the first onscreen appearance of Jeff Goldblum. The first film of my Bronsothon project. 3 days of Charles Bronson movies, stopping only to sleep, charting the best kills.

The Bad: It does have overly long interludes between the killings.

The Weird: Not many films have the courage to include a montage of land surveying and general architecture work, much less one that's supposed to be about vigilante justice.

Rating: 8/10 Atkins

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