Monday, January 17, 2011

The Stone Killer (1973)

1st View
Format: VHS
Venue: Rivendell (Bronsothon)

The Good: Good story, sharp production values, and Bronson still gets to ply his violent trade. The film was directed by Michael Winner (Death Wish) and based on a book written by John Gardner who wrote a number of fantastic James Bond novels.

The Bad: For whatever reason, I just could not get into this film. Granted, it was nearly dawn before I finished it so it certainly deserves a second viewing, but it did nothing for me.

The Weird: John Ritter pops up in a bit part as a police officer. If not for his distinctive voice, we might not have recognized him.

Rating Deferred Until 2nd Viewing. 

*That'll do it for Bronsothon. 3 days, 20 movies, countless dead.

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