Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Mechanic (1972)

1st View
Format: Netflix WI
Venue: Rivendell (Bronsothon)

The Good: The Mechanic is a great film. It gives us the violent, badass Bronson we want but is far more complex and intelligent than most of his movies. Bronson's character is far more layered than most of his action hero incarnations; every part of his life from his killing to his love-making being pains-takingly planned. The master/apprentice relationship between Bronson and Jan-Michael Vincent is fascinating. The conversations tend to run to the existential and smack of a Jean-Pierre Melville flick. But don't let all this highfalutin film school babble fool you, The Mechanic has also had the most kills of Bronsothon so far and they are all spectacular!

The Bad: The only fault I can find with the film is no fault at all. Now that I've seen the ending of the original, it stands to reason that I have a concrete idea of how the upcoming remake will end as well. But again, that's as much of a negative as I can find and it's completely absurd.

The Weird: Bronson's initial kill is so elaborate that, without further explanation, some of the steps seem entirely unnecessary and even counterproductive.

Rating: 8/10 Atkins

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