Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Lost Boys (1987)

Format: Netflix WI
Venue: Rivendell

The Good: Stylish, violent, fun, super 80s vampire flick that amounts to the best of the Corey pairings. Great soundtrack and a setting that looks like Frankie and Annette's apocalypse. The flying effects are creative and Jami Gertz is six different kids of hot!

The Bad: Jason Patric is a plank of feathered-haired wood. I won't pretend some of the dialogue isn't painfully bad.

The Weird: What the hell is the deal with the oiled up, shirtless saxophone player on the beach and why are people headbanging to his playing? WHY DOES SUPPOSEDLY STRAIGHT COREY HAIM HAVE A ROB LOWE POSTER ON HIS WALL?!!!

Rating: 8/10 Atkins

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