Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From Beyond the Grave (1973): A Evening for My Friend John

Format: 35mm
Venue: Alamo Drafthouse

I love this movie, and my intention was to break it down like I do the others. But a few words from my good friend John Gholson changed the focus of this brief entry dramatically. We had gathered in support of John who had just had his home robbed. Some of us put together a drafthouse screening of this film that he loves and the outpouring of support was immense. Some donated money to help him recoup his loses, others donated DVDs and Blu-rays, and others were simply voicing their support with their presence.

John stood before the room and stated how, for the first time in many days, he felt fantastic. Then he talked about how amazing it was to be in a room full of friends who were all, for the most part, also friends with one another. But the moment that struck me most was when he observed that nearly all of us met at the Alamo. I try to explain to people what the Alamo means to me, but my words are meager and do little justice. But in that one moment, John summed up the impact this movie theater has had on my entire life. John is blessed, as am I, to be surrounded by our movie-centric family.

Though the means to this end were less than desirable, I want to thank John for reminding me of how fortunate I am.

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  1. Thanks, Brian. I'm thankful to count you as a friend. :)